12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Lecture

Teun Tieleman will speak about 'The Anchoring Innovation Programme (2018-2028)'. This is a large-scale research project of the Dutch Research School for Classics (OIKOS), which was awarded a Gravitation Grant ('Zwaartekracht') last year. The historians of ancient philosophy of our department participate in OIKOS, and Teun leads the ancient philosophy (and medicine) components of Anchoring Innovation. This Tuesday, he'll explain what anchoring innovation is, how it connects the ancient world with 21st-century society, and what part ancient philosophy and medicine play in it.

When: Tuesday, March 13th, 12h-13h
Where: Stijlkamer, Janskerkhof 13
Who: Teun Tieleman
What about: Anchoring Innovation

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