12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Lecture: Joris spicht

Joris will take us to those regions where history of philosophy and systematic philosophy meet most peacefully, and enlighten us on “The Path to Absolute Idealism: Rödl, Hegel and the Phenomenology of Spirit”.

Abstract: Sebastian Rödl presents his forthcoming book, Self-Consciousness and Objectivity, as an introduction to Hegel’s absolute idealism. According to Rödl, the core idea of absolute idealism is the identity of self-consciousness and objectivity. Hegel presents his own introduction to absolute idealism in the Phenomenology of Spirit. Aside from the occasional reference, however, Rödl does not substantially engage with Hegel’s Phenomenology in his book. Because of this, it is an open question whether—and if so, what—Rödl’s project might stand to gain from the Phenomenology. In my talk, I will address this question by first sketching Rödl’s introduction to absolute idealism in his forthcoming book. Drawing on the main tenets of the Phenomenology, my talk will subsequently assess what Hegel’s Phenomenology can contribute to Rödl’s project.

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