Core Readings in History of Philosophy 2015-2016

Core Readings in Practical Philosophy is one of three mandatory Core Readings courses.


prof. dr. Jan van Ophuijsen & prof. dr. Piet Steenbakkers



Course goals

Thorough knowledge of nature, context and influence of the texts that constitute the subject matter of the course.


This course is part of the series of "core readings"-courses in which all students in the Research Master Philosophy study key texts and topics from the main fields of philosophy. In this historical course, we shall focus on a topic (to be determined later) that can be treated from the perspective both of ancient and of modern philosophy, and that is of interest also for the fields of theoretical and of practical philosophy. Earlier editions of this course dealt with scepticism and with Aristotle's and Hegel's theory of the soul. Close reading of the original texts forms the basis of the discussions in class.


Course Catalogue: ZEMV11001

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