About the DPAC
The D.P.A.C. or Degree Program Advisory Committee, more commonly known as Curriculum Committee, Education Committee or OC ("Opleidingscommissie") is an advisory organ at the program level. Its purpose is to guard the quality of the education within the program. This primarily entails advising the program director on the Education and Examination Regulations, reviewing the Caracal evaluations filled out by students and formulating advice about the evaluations if deemed necessary. In practice the OC is also concerned with other issues such as the implementation of the new RMA curriculum.


Our RMA OC consists of two students and two staff members:

  • Dr. Hanno Sauer (staff member and chair)
  • Dr. Daniel Cohnitz (staff member)
  • Jordan Mantov (second-year student member)
  • Arif de Boer (first year student member)
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