Students may count any MA-level course as electives, in particular, any Topics Seminars, Research School Seminars, Interdisciplinary Research Area courses (beyond those required), internships, and the courses listed below.

Block 1 or 3

WBMV05003 Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Block 2

AEMV16007 Sustainable world
AEMV16005 Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine
AEMV16006 Economic Ethics
FI-MHPSPST Philosophy of Space and Time (7.5 EC)
201600160 Philosophy of the social sciences

Block 4

FRRMV16015 20th-Century German Philosophy
FRRMV16020 Current Issues in Analytic Philosophy (was given last year and professor told us it would probably be given this year as well, but the course doesn't have an entry yet in Osiris)
WBMV13005 Logic and Computation (7.5 EC)
FI-MHPSDM Science and the Dilemmas of Modernity (7.5 EC)

GKRMV16013 Citizenship in Greek History

MA-level courses that are not on this list can be included administratively in your study program with approval of the Board of Examiners.

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