Previous WiPRMAPhils

The third WiPRMaPhil was held on October 10


  • Bart Mijland will talk about doing an internship during your masters.
  • Wim, Pepijn, Charlie and Robin presented their posters for the OZSW conference.

The second WiPRMaPhil was held on September 28


  • Thom Hamer introduced 'Focus', a platform for publishing your thesis for a broader public. More info can be found here
  • Mario gave a presentation on his thesis: 'The idea of public reason in contemporary political philosophy: political liberalism, political realism, and the theory of political judgment', which he will turn into one (or two!) papers

The first WiPRMAPhil of the academic year was held on September 7.


  • Eveline Eckelboom, our study advisor, joined us to shortly introduce herself and explain for which problem you can ask for her help.
  • Anna Kotzeva talked about poster-presentations and showed us her own work. Notes on this part of the maffel and tips for creating your own poster can be found here
  • We discussed the workings of the wippermaffels and Charlie did a wonderful stand-up philosophy joke!
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