Research Methods & Design

Course catalogue link: FRRMV16004

The Research Methods & Design course is a required part of the program.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Cohnitz

Course goals
The course aims to provide hands-on training to improve four key abilities: revising papers written for courses so as to submit them for a conference or for publication in a journal, developing a project proposal in connection with applying for grants, designing thesis research and writing a prospectus for a potential topic, and philosophical writing and presenting for a broader audience. Although the primary aim is to improve these abilities by simulating the tasks, students are encouraged to apply the results of the course in real-world contexts.

The course is in four parts, corresponding to the four research activities. In each part, students examine good (and bad) examples of the genre, discuss key principles with invited research staff, and give each other feedback on their own assignments.

Every two weeks, students complete an assignment that simulates key aspects of professional development. These are four assignments in total:

1. Revision of a paper from a previous course that for submission to a conference or journal
2. A prospectus for a Thesis
3. An article or presentation for a broader public
4. A grant proposal for a research project

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