Research School Seminar

You must complete two seminars (10 EC in total) of Research School Seminar Courses. Normally this will mean one seminar per year. If you are going abroad in your second year, it is recommended you complete these RSS courses in the first year.

You can select the seminar from a course list coordinated by the research schools. These are either of the following:

Designated seminars offered by various Dutch universities (including Utrecht)

If you make use of the designated seminars, you register for the selected course at the host university, using that university's course code and title. The results for that course, including course title and grade, are then subsequently registered as Research School Seminar Year 1 or 2 (see course codes above). If you complete more than 4 Topics Seminars this can be counted towards satisfying the “Research School Seminar” Requirement.

On the OZSW website you can find more general information about such an exchange, as well as list of the available RMa courses at all Dutch universities and important instructions for enrollment.

Special Research School offerings

In the case of special Research School offerings (such as the annual RMA Winter School), credit and grades will be registered directly as Research School Seminar Year 1 or 2, on the basis of a report provided to the RMA Coordinator by the coordinator of the Research School event. Credits for the seminar varies, but the number of credits for the two Research School Seminars must add up to at least 10 ECTS.

You can find a list of programs here.

Course catalogue links

OFRM14001 Research School Seminar Year 1
OFRM14002 Research School Seminar Year 2

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