Study Abroad Program

This page is specifically about the program you have to complete when you want to study abroad. For more general information about going abroad, see Study Abroad.

If you want to study abroad, your study program in the first year will typically look the same as that of students not going abroad (see year 1 in the Study Program). Do make sure you complete at least 2 Topics Seminars and preferably also 1 tutorial and 10 EC of Research School Seminars during that first year. During your fourth and final semester you will write your thesis.

It is in your third semester, when you actually go abroad, that your program will deviate. You will substitute 30 EC of “Across the Border” for the following items from the non-study-abroad program:

  • Research Colloquium year 2 (5 EC)
  • Topics Seminars (10 EC)
  • Electives (10 EC)
  • Tutorial 2 (5 EC)

Students may earn 5 EC extra credit for the Research Colloquium Year 2, if they can continue parallel activities while abroad (and, of course, participate in the required activities during the second semester of their second year when they're back in Utrecht).

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