Study Retreat
Study Retreat?

It's all in the name! We'll be retreating ourselves for a couple of days in a slightly more quiet area of the Netherlands with a lot of nature around, in order to study together in relative peace.

During this study retreat there will be a lot of opportunity to work on any reading or writing that needs to be done; we aim to provide a study-friendly environment. Apart from working, we'll cook meals together, discuss our progress and any other topics over lunch, and take walks in the forest/on the beach to clear our heads from time to time. After dinner you can choose to continue studying or to kick back, relax, and play a game (or an instrument, if applicable!). While it is explicitly not a party retreat, there will of course be plenty of time in the evenings to enjoy ourselves.


The study retreat will take place during the non-teaching days after block 3, from Tuesday, April 18 to Friday, April 21. You can join for a shorter time, as well, if you wish.


The accommodation we'll be staying at is called Seeburgh and is located in the southwest part of the province of Zeeland, in Oostkapelle.

How much?

The accommodation will be paid for from the RMA budget. You will have to pitch in for food and drinks, and arrange your own transport there and back. You can do the latter on the forum (see link below)!

Who's joining?

So far: Daniel, Annemarie, Joel, Niels, Maarten, Giulia, Sofia, Wijcher, Lotje, Jetze, Nicky, the two Daans, Marielle, Jojanneke, Samuel, Olek, Vincent, Ethel, Suus, Natascha.

How do I register?

Just drop Suus Jacobi or Natascha Rietdijk an email and we'll provide you with further details!

Please use the forum to discuss everything related to the retreat!

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