Teaching Internship

Course code FRRMV16019

Course aims

The goals of a teaching internship are:
• to become familiar with possible teaching professions and to participate in the process of teaching, leading study groups, assessing student work, and preparing supporting educational materials;
• to gain experience applying the knowledge and/or skills learned during your studies in a practical context;
• to expand your mastery of methods and knowledge employed in the context of teaching the subject matter of the course.


In a teaching internship, you teach study groups (‘werkgroepen’) in a Utrecht University philosophy course. In addition, you are involved in the development of new study material, assist (under supervision) with the assessment of student work, evaluate the course in order to improve future editions, and/or take part in educational research. The specific tasks are specified, before the start of the course, in a workplan.

Internships always involve two supervisors: the “internship supervisor” (in the case of teaching internships, the instructor for the course in which you are assisting) and the “supervising lecturer” (another lecturer in the RMA Philosophy program), who is responsible for (1) ensuring that the internship activities meet the objectives of an academic internship and (2) determining the final grade, in consultation with the internship supervisor. In addition to observations of your teaching activities, the internship supervisor (course instructor) will meet with you regularly to discuss the material being discussed in the study groups, didactic strategies, and your progress on additional elements stated in your workplan.

More information can be found in the RMA Philosophy Handbook and in the “Internship Regulations: Guidebook for Students” (see http://students.uu.nl/sites/default/files/hum_general_internship_regulations.pdf )

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