Developing Moral Capacities


Annemarie Kalis & Joel Anderson (and possibly other staff)

Title: “Developing moral capacities”



For this tutorial, the aim is to gain insight in the nature of moral capacities by examining different theoretical approaches to the development of moral capacities in children. For instance, we will discuss whether the development of moral capacities depends on the presence of non-moral capacities such as language and theory of mind. Also, we will investigate what role insight in one's own psychological mechanisms (such as for example stereotyping and discriminatory behaviour) plays in the development of moral capacities. Does moral development involve relating to our own psychological mechanisms in certain ways and if so, does this suggest possible interventions aimed at supporting moral development in children?

Provisonary schedule for meetings & readings:

Session 1: May 9 (NOTE: 3-5 PM): Ch1-3 Bakhurst / introductory discussion about the tutorial / interests of the participants

Session 2: May 23 (10-12 AM): Ch 4-7 Bakhurst

Session 3: June 6 (10-12 AM, Mariëtte vd Hoven will hopefully join us for this session): Discussion of a selection of papers from Annas, Narvaez & Snow: “Developing the virtues”)

Session 4 & 5: [Dates & literature to be determined together in the first session]

Here’s a link to a review of the Annas, Narvaez & Snow volume:

In the first meeting on May 9 we will make more specific plans for the sessions to come.

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