Upcoming WiPRMAPhils

Below is information on the next WiPRMAPhil. Please see: Want to present? if you're interested in presenting a paper, thesis, or initiating a discussion, Previous WiPRMAPhils for inspiration and documents, the WiPRMAPhil forum thread to discuss anything left unsaid during recent meetings, or Wipper-what? if you're confused by the name.

The next WiPRMaPhil will be at:

April 12
14.00 - 16.00
Location: JKH 15A, Room 003

One of our upcoming session will take place during the study retreat! The 19th of april. There, Annemarie Kalis and Joel Anderson will give a joint lecture on the other side of the broader mental health topic we had originally announced, about the Convention of the Rights of Persons with a Disability (please take a look at it, especially at how broad the obligations are to facilitate inclusion), neuro-diversity, barriers to full participation, and inclusion. If you haven't yet, please also look at Railton's Dewey Lecture at the AmPhilAssoc Central Division meetings in 2015, in which he critically and very personally discusses a number of issues in the profession, including (starting on page 14) what it has been like for him to struggle with depression.

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