Upcoming WiPRMAPhils

Below is information on the next WiPRMAPhil. Please see: Want to present? if you're interested in presenting a paper, thesis, or initiating a discussion, Previous WiPRMAPhils for inspiration and documents, the WiPRMAPhil forum thread to discuss anything left unsaid during recent meetings, or Wipper-what? if you're confused by the name.

The next WiPRMaPhil will be at Thursday September 27th from 13.15 to 15.00. At it our study-advisor Eveline Eckelboom will introduce herself and Robin will tell us a bit about the study retreat. If you'd like to help organize the study retreat, but can't be at the WiPRMaPhil, do contact Wim or Robin. After that Lefteris will present on the various facets of the notion of nature.

The next WiPRMaPhil after that will be at Tuesday October 23th from 13.15 to 15.00. At it, Bart Mijland will tell us about internships and/or job-market preparation. We will also present early versions of OZSW posters.

Get in contact with Wim if you want to present at a WiPRMaPhil or have any questions.

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