Upcoming WiPRMAPhils

Below is information on the next WiPRMAPhil. Please see: Want to present? if you're interested in presenting a paper, thesis, or initiating a discussion, Previous WiPRMAPhils for inspiration and documents, the WiPRMAPhil forum thread to discuss anything left unsaid during recent meetings, or Wipper-what? if you're confused by the name.

The next WiPRMaPhil will take place on:

Tuesday May 29th
13:15 - 15:00
Location: Drift 21 Room 1.04

At it Giulia will present on conspiracy theories. We will also discuss the end of the year colloquium and the role of students at the pf colloquium.

The one after that will take place on:

Tuesday June 12th
Location: Drift 13 room 0.03

At it Lotje will present on her thesis topic: privacy and self-determination. We'll also discuss a mystery subject.

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